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  Winus Temperature Control System

This computerized refrigeration system, manufactured in Italy and distributed by Prospero Equipment Corporation in Pleasantville, New York, allows the winemaker to control fermentation and storage temperatures.

A steady temperature of 65-75 degrees Farenheit should be maintained during the fermentation of white wines and no more than 80 degrees for red wines. After fermentation, wine should be held at 55 degrees until cold stabilization can be performed. During this process, the wine should be chilled to 26-27 degrees Farenheit. Cold Stabilization ensures a haze and sediment free bottle of wine.

Wine temperature should then be maintained at 55 degrees until the wine is permanently stabilized and stored in a securely corked bottle. Proper temperature control is critical to maintaining fruity aromas, especially in white wines.

This precise temperature control can be obtained only through the use of a sophisticated chilling system such as Crossing Vineyards’ Winus, one of the few in operation on the East Coast of the United States.

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