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Viticulture is “site specific.” This means that, although certain regional climatic conditions exist, each vineyard is a “microclimate” unto itself. The ready availability of data on a vineyard’s microclimate is essential to serious viticulture.

Prior to planting the first vines at Crossing Vineyards, a computerized weather station was installed. Each day, the computer records information on rainfall, temperature, dates of frost, hours of sunshine. Each day, the database of information on the microclimate grows.

This data can be valuable in many ways. For example, the effectiveness of spray programs can be improved by identifying periods when disease pressure is historically highest. Tracking temperatures can help predict likely harvest times by allowing the calculation of “growing degree days” (i.e. days above a certain temperature that will encourage fruit development and ripening). Tracking frost dates and number of consecutive days below a certain temperature can help predict and prevent winter injury. It can also provide the vineyard manager with information about which grape varieties will grow best in the microclimate.

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